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CSWCD Summer Newsletter Published

The CSWCD Summer Newsletter has been published!

It has articles that have been contributed by all of the CSWCD staff and is packed full of useful information about beneficial insects, forestry grants, lawn and garden care, and more!

It includes the following articles:

Newsletter Cover

In Memoriam: Bob Winters     

       Robyn Woolsey

Beneficial Bugs: Hoverflies & Spring Outreach    

       Amanda Whispell

More Spring Outreach   

       Emma Rich

Jamestown High School Wins Statewide Envirothon

       Sheila Jaruseski

Department of Forestry Grants  

       Daniel Ronald Brooks

Should I water the grass?    

       Jim Wallace

       Sam Pereira

A farmer’s perspective on radish cover crop  

       Robert Waring

Understanding the Differences Between Determinate and Indeterminate Tomatoes 

       Logan Ellis

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