Meet the Directors

The Colonial SWCD Board of Directors meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 5:30pm.  These meetings are held at the District office, located at 205 Bulifants Blvd., Suite C, Williamsburg, VA  23188. The meetings are listed on the Events calendar and are open to the public. Anyone interested in attending is encouraged to contact the office prior to the meeting to confirm exact times, in the event of any changes to scheduling.





Philip Thomson

Representative of New Kent County

Richard Phillips

Representative of the City of Williamsburg

Wayne Davis

Representative of New Kent County







Douglas Hall

Representative of James City County


George Clark

Representative of York County


Fred Browning

Representative of Charles City County

James Zilius

Representative of the City of Williamsburg



Charles Carter, III , Chairman

Representative of Charles City County


Robert Lund, Jr. , Vice-Chair

Representative of James City County


Bob Jeremiah, Treasurer

At-Large Appointment, New Kent County

Pam Mason, Secretary

Representative of York County

Associate Directors


Charlie Morse

City of Williamsburg


Tim Beale

York County