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Kicking off our Colonial Pollinator BioBlitz

For our first challenge...

a butterfly scavenger hunt!

  1. Make sure to join the iNaturalist project.

  2. Just print the scavenger hunt (below), or save it to your phone.

  3. Spend all week looking for and photographing the butterflies (not the worst way to spend your time).

  4. Upload your butterfly photographs to the iNaturalist project.

  5. If you get all of the butterflies - send me an email and I'll send you free pollinator stickers and our Protect Native Virginia Pollinators seed packs - easy as that!

The FIRST PERSON (who is a member of the project on iNaturalist) send me an email and tell me they completed the scavenger hunt wins free entry to our IN PERSON BioBlitz at York River State Park on 29 July - World Nature Conservation Day!

CSWCD Butterfly Scavenger Hunt
CSWCD Butterfly Scavenger Hunt
Colonial Pollinator Week BioBlitz Logo


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