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Colonial Pollinator BioBlitz

It's time for another BioBlitz!

19 - 25 June - Pollinator Week 2023

Colonial Pollinator Week BioBlitz Logo

We would love it if you would participate in our Pollinator BioBlitz!

We want to take this opportunity to help people realize just how many different kinds of #pollinators there are and generally increase awareness about them and habitat that they require.

There are many pollinators besides the honey bee. Pollinators include #bees, #butterflies, #beetles, #flies, #moths, and more.

If you participate in the #pollinator #BioBlitz, you are welcome to observe pollinators at any site that you visit in the Colonial District - so that's Charles City County, James City County, York County, New Kent County, and the City of #Williamsburg.

Take a photo of the pollinators you find, upload them on #iNaturalist, and you can post them onto Instagram/Facebook/Twitter to share with everyone!.

We’re asking all of the participants to use the hashtag #savethepollinators.

We will be having daily challenges, so keep an eye on our website and our social media so you don't miss any. The winners of these challenges will get free entry into our IN PERSON BioBlitz at York River State Park on 29 July - World Nature Conservation Day!


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