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Resource Management Plans

A Deeper Dive - Saving the Shoreline
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Check out the video clip shown above to learn more about RMPs from District Manager Jim Wallace and local farmer Paul Davis. 

To learn more about RMPs, click here. If you're interested in developing a resource management plan on your farm, contact the District at 757-645-4895.

The Colonial SWCD completed the certification process for Virginia’s Resource Management Plan (RMP) Program on 5 farms (this year 746 acres). The program provides a voluntary way to promote the use of conservation practices that improve farming operations and water quality. Resource management plans can help farm owners and operators take advantage of all the conservation measures at their disposal. The plans are designed to encourage either the farm owner or operator, to use a high level of best management practices (BMPs) that reduce runoff pollution to local waters and, in many cases, improve the farmer’s financial bottom line.

The Virginia General Assembly passed a bill in 2011, which allowed for the creation of the RMP program. Virginia’s soil and water conservation districts have been involved in inspecting and approving RMPs since 2014.

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