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Shoreline Evaluation Program

The Colonial SWCD has partnered with the Virginia Cooperative Extension James City County-Williamsburg Master Gardeners to offer the Shoreline Evaluation Program (SEP) to shorefront property owners throughout the greater Williamsburg region. The SEP was originally developed by the Northern Neck Master Gardener unit, who have provided trainings and resources that have been vital to the development of our program.

By participating in the SEP, shorefront property owners will receive a site visit to their property with a team of District staff and Master Gardener volunteers, who will assess current or potential threats to the property and identify opportunities to help improve water quality. The assessment will include a visual inspection of the shoreline for signs of erosion or soil loss, invasive species, lack of vegetation, etc. If the property includes a managed turfgrass lawn, a soil sample will also be taken so that a nutrient management plan can be provided. After the site visit, the participant will receive a written report detailing the results of the assessment and any suggestions for shoreline improvement. 

Once you've completed your application, please mail it to the following address:

     Colonial SWCD

     Attn: SEP
     205 Bulifants Blvd, Suite C

     Williamsburg, VA 23188

If you have any questions, please reach out to program coordinator Robyn Woolsey or call the office at 757-645-4895.

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Pictured above: SEP volunteers practice evaluating a shoreline.

Upper left photo: SEP volunteers and District staff. 

Lower left photo: SEP volunteers study shoreline characteristics with Pam Mason, Virginia Institute of Marine Science. 

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