Precision Agriculture

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The Colonial Soil & Water Conservation District is excited to announce that we have a new program for area farmers in the Lower James River watershed! The Decision Agriculture & Precision Agriculture (DAPA) program offered by the Colonial SWCD is an experimental, grant-funded financial assistance program for row crop farmers, beginning this winter and running into Spring of 2021.

The DAPA program is a limited offering in the James River Watershed within Charles City, Henrico, James City and New Kent Counties supported through the Virginia Environmental Endowment’s James River Water Quality Improvement Program, and a partnership with the Henricopolis SWCD.

The primary purpose of the DAPA project, is to improve water quality through increasing adoption of precision agricultural techniques and services. As fertilizer applications and other farm field managements become more targeted and site specific, we anticipate seeing greater use efficiencies of nitrogen and phosphorus by commodity crops, meaning our fertilizers are staying where we want them and not leaching out of farm fields as non-point source pollutants into our streams, rivers and other surface waters! Thoughtful management is another integral part of protecting our waterways; by combining remote sensing data, now more readily available than ever before, with plain-old common sense there are a wealth of meaningful conservation benefits to be gleaned.

Row-crop and small grain agricultural producers in the James River Watershed are encouraged to contact Tom Dunlap at the Colonial SWCD for program eligibility status or other project information inquires.

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