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Teaching the next generation about native pollinators

The Williamsburg Farm Camp offers nature-based programs as part of their summer camp on Farm Fridays. Last week Emma and I were lucky enough to be invited to visit and talk to the students about native Virginia pollinators. The students had the opportunity to try the beta version of a pollinator simulation activity we are workshopping (it's already been overhauled - new photos soon!). We had such a great time, the students were interested and involved, and we really hope that they enjoyed the experience and learned a lot about our native pollinators!

If you're interested in having this presentation given in your class or your child's class, please feel free to reach out to me via email at or phone at (757)778-5348.

Outline of the talk

  1. What is pollen?

  2. What is pollination and how does it happen?

  3. How do flowers attract pollinators? --- break for a pollinator simulation ---

  4. Who are our pollinators?

  5. Importance of native bees

  6. Pollinators at risk

  7. What you can do to help native pollinators


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