Every jurisdiction east of interstate I-95 is required to have a Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act (CBPA) ordinance and program. Local programs are overseen by Virginia’s Department of Environmental Quality. Local laws govern development in environmentally sensitive areas like those along perennial waterways, highly erodible soils, or even in some instances steep slopes. These may be Resource management areas, or Resource Protection areas as defined by the CBPA provisions of each counties’ ordinance, and having their own protections defined. For many years, districts serving localities within the CBPA area assisted with administering the agricultural provisions of the Act. Today, the Colonial SWCD provides these assessment services to our localities, including site assessments, buffer encroachment authorization through the District Board, buffer assessments, and conservation planning, and compliance reporting.

If you are planning a new agricultural project, let us know and we can provide the input to help you follow your county’s ordinance, and keep our waters protected.

The image to the left shows the various land uses throughout the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. To learn more about the CBPA, click here.

Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act (CBPA)