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Podcasts & Videos

Click here to listen to Panda Pod. This is a new podcast in 2019 sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund and hosted by Carter Roberts, the CEO of WWF. The first episode explores changes that can be made to protect our oceans.

Click here to listen to A Sustainable Mind. A recent episode followed Katherine Milling, a sustainable beekeeper. Other episodes cover at home compost, microplastics, and other conservation efforts.

Click here to listen to Radiolab's "Smarty Plants" podcast, where hosts Jad and Robert explore brain-less plants' unexpected feats. 

Click here to listen to Planet Money's "The Bottom of the Well" episode, which discusses the economics of drought, and why the rational thing to do in California right now is to use more water.

Click here to listen to Planet Money's "The Tale of the Onion King" episode, which tells the story of the greatest onion trade the world has ever seen, and how the market that got so out of hand that it eventually caused the Chicago River to flow not just with water but with America's onions.

Click here to listen to Planet Money's "P is for Phosphorous" episode. Phosphate is a crucial element, for farming, and for life. And there aren't too many places to get it. What if it runs out?

Click here to listen to Planet Money's "Why Did the Cow Cross the Border" episode. Every year, the United States exports 500 million tons of beef to Mexico. But every year, the United States imports 500 million tons of beef from Mexico. Listen to the episode to learn why. 

The first installment of the "Deeper Dive" video series explores how researchers with VIMS' Center for Coastal Resources Management help homeowners counteract shoreline erosion.

Click here to learn more about the Virginia Institute of Marine Science and the Center for Coastal Resources Management.

Have you ever wondered how to establish native grasses on your land, or about the benefits of doing so? Check out the Center for Native Grasslands Management's video below to learn more. 

Using Annuals to Feed Cattle and Build Soil Health 

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